Joe Roeser – President

Joe Roeser knew most of his life he wanted to be a carpenter. He built a small church with a elderly neighbor when he was five and was hooked from then on. He worked through high school on a COE program going to school a half of a day and working the rest of the day as a cabinet maker. After graduating high school, he worked for Pre-Fabricated homes, building homes. He helped a friend start a cabinet shop on the side and finally ended up at Glen Alspaugh and Company as a kitchen remodeler. It was with Alspaugh in 1977 that he joined the Union and immediately tested out as a journeyman carpenter.

Joe decided to start his own remodeling business when Glen Alspaugh announced his retirement in 1985. Taking all the wonderful traits he learned from having great bosses, he created Roeser Construction Company.

Joe was born and raised in Kirkwood. Going through Pitman elementary, to Nipher and then graduating Kirkwood High School. He married Cindy McCloud his high school sweetheart, a year later and bought a one-bedroom fixer-upper in Kirkwood. Together they raised three children, Kim Brandi and Trey and still live in the “one-bedroom fixer upper” that continued to grow with the birth of each child.

Since August of 1985 Roeser Construction Company—now Roeser Home Remodeling has continued to change and grow with many life lessons, but the core values that Joe first started with remain the same. Honesty, truth, fair and reasonable pricing, and caring for people and their homes with service, craftsmanship, and lasting value.

Hobbies: Enjoys volunteering and does a lot of it. Loves baseball and hockey, along with his childhood love of drag racing. Likes to travel, visiting kids and grandkids. Loves being with his friends and his children and their families.

What Joe enjoys about his work: Joe’s favorite part of his job is, “Working with the homeowners, always the homeowners”. I love working with people to create a plan that will work best for them. Along with that, I love our staff. I have such great respect for them and the decisions they make on our company’s behalf. I will support them all the way, but I do love when they come to me to brainstorm an idea or a problem. If I can work side by side with them once in a while– I enjoy that also. It’s nice to show them the old man still has what it takes!”