6 Storage Ideas for Your Home

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Home Remodeling

Because we never seem to have enough places to to store our “stuff,” take a look at these 6 storage ideas for your home.

Remember moving into a new place or having your kitchen or bathroom remodeled and thinking, “Wow, look at all this extra space!” Then, bit by bit, you started to fill it. Toiletries on the bathroom vanity, a pile of books on a shelf, small appliances on the kitchen countertop.

All of a sudden, the uncluttered, spacious surroundings you enjoyed is no longer there.

Roeser Home Remodeling can help you find that freedom from clutter once more. Take a look at how we helped some of our clients stay organized and clutter-free and see if any of these ideas might work for you.

Hide it

Hiding items is a long-time strategy. Many sitcoms have a scene where the homeowner is shoving living room clutter into a closet before a boss’s unexpected visit. But you don’t have to do that. Take a look at these intentional storage ideas.

Art Wall Niche

Let your artwork do double duty with this hidden wall niche. This hidden cabinet adds pizzazz and personality to your bathroom while keeping smaller items out of site.

Dining Room Bench

storage ideas for your home

This is one of the many storage ideas that is helpful when you have a busy family. This was a custom-build by our carpenters at Roeser Home Remodeling. There is a drawer on each end of the bench where place mats and napkins could be stored for setting the table. Or, keep workbooks, crayons and small games to keep younger children occupied while you’re busy cooking nearby.

Games and Toys Cabinet

storage ideas for your home

Here’s a storage idea for keeping toys and games out of site, neat and tidy at the end of the day. The team at Roeser Home Remodeling can custom build your cabinets or help you choose the right style from the Wellborne cabinets we carry.

Keep it Open

We don’t always need to hide our stuff. And sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. Think how much easier it is to grab your jacket from a hook than it is to open a closet and pull it out. And if you want your younger children to become more self-sufficient, it just makes sense to make it easier for them. Check out these storage ideas that are still easy to access.

Hallway Storage

storage ideas for your home

A wider entrance hallway from the garage and the backyard provided a unique place to build custom locker spaces for the sports equipment for this family with three children. Drawer units also give extra storage and allow for a filing system to keep track of all the paper work that comes home. Extra cabinets above the lockers provide much needed additional storage for out of season belongings.

Small Spaces for Storage

If  you’re looking for unique storage ideas, here are two. These homeowners found unusual ways to store wine and cool their beverages. They were able to make use of small spaces that might have been otherwise wasted.

Wine Cabinet

storage ideas for your home

The homeowners enjoy their wine and needed a place to store it. This narrow wine pantry allows them to store their wine collection without taking up valuable cabinet space.

Beverage Cooler

A beverage cooler can be placed at the end of a kitchen island as well. This one makes good use of a spot that could have been another cabinet but makes cold beverages handy for the whole family.


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