A New Look for Old Kitchens

by | Apr 15, 2023 | Home Remodeling

Are you ready to give your old kitchen a new look in 2023? Roeser Home Remodeling is St. Louis’s premier remodeling company. Whether it’s a new kitchen, updated bathroom, remodeled basement – we are the professionals to call!

So how can you give your old kitchen a new look without breaking the bank? Or making it so trendy that it’s outdated again in just a few years?

Here are some ideas that can be upscaled or scaled back, depending on your budget and needs. Remember, not every look will fit your lifestyle so pick what works best for you and your family. Then, give us a call to schedule an appointment to chat.



Kitchens are busy places – kids doing homework, cooks preparing dinner and everyone entertaining friends. Kitchen islands can add so much functionality and beauty to the room. Where once they were an afterthought – albeit a functional one – now, homeowners are making their kitchen islands a point of focus. If you want to give your kitchen island a new look, try unexpected colors, precious metals and natural countertops.

  • give your island a new look with unexpected colors. Pantone’s new color could give your all-white kitchen an energizing pop of color;
  • make it a waterfall island;
  • make it an ‘eat-in’ island with a lower section for seating;
  • mix metals in your fixtures – brushed nickel and black or warm metals such as copper and bronze. Or mix matte, polished or brushed finishes. You can go big with these on your island sink or make smaller changes on the island drawer pulls;
  • use natural countertops, such as quartz. And no, your kitchen island top doesn’t have to match your countertops.

The last two can easily be scaled down if your budget is tight.

Backsplashes and Range Hoods


For an easy new look, think about changing (or adding) a backsplash in your kitchen.

What’s a backsplash? It used to be a functional covering behind stoves to protect the wall from grease splatters. That’s still its function, but now they can add beauty and décor to your kitchen as well.

Today, a backsplash can span an entire wall, show up behind the range or cover an area between cabinets and countertops.

Backsplashes can come in any number of colors and textures. One of the more popular materials to use is ceramic tile. That’s because they come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes.

Other options include porcelain, glass tiles, wood, stainless steel and more. All come have various price points, so you’re sure to find something for your budget and style.

Range Hoods

Just as backsplashes have moved on from functional covers for a wall, range hoods have become more than grimy eyesores. And like backsplashes, there is a range of price points and styles.

Range hoods can be a variety of materials, styles, shapes and sizes. They can blend into the rest of the kitchen, or they can be a dramatic and eye-catching focal point.

Copper is classic, but how about a DIY project, covering an old ugly metal range hood with repurposed barn wood? Or one with a scalloped edge for a bit of whimsy.

Whatever you decide for backsplashes and hoods, make it yours – your budget, your style, your new look.


Turn on your statement lighting and bathe in the glow of compliments!

No longer does your kitchen lighting have to be relegated to outdated recessed, track or single bulb lighting, leaving you in trying to work in a poorly lit kitchen.

Be sure to keep the lighting proportional. A small but colorful pendant light can make a statement over a kitchen desk but will look out of place over a long island and won’t give good lighting. On the other hand, you can make your island statement with an oversized, clear pendant light.

Another option is to align the light with the rest of the kitchen’s style, using metal wall sconces in a warm metal to match other warm metals.

Lower Kitchen Drawers

A lack of cabinet space in a kitchen is a problem for most of us. But have you considered changing some of those cabinets to easy gliding lower kitchen drawers?

Drawers glide out easily and can store so much more than you think. Deep drawers can hold pots and their lids; skillets and small casserole dishes can stay in shallower.

Another advantage of using lower kitchen drawers to get a new look for your old kitchen is you don’t have to peer into the depths of a dark cabinet, looking for what you need. Or pulling out heavy stacks of ceramic ware to get to a dish on the bottom of the pile.

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If you’re ready to get a new look for your old kitchen, call Roeser Home Remodeling today at 314-822-0839 or contact us online.