Bathroom Trends for 2021

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Home Remodeling

Each year, architects, designers, colorists and other experts in the construction industry take note of upcoming trends. This month, we’ll focus on bathroom trends in 2021 for design and décor.

To make a bathroom serviceable, you need a toilet, sink and a tub or shower (or both!). But who said practical had to be boring or unappealing? Let’s look past functional to beautiful.

Bathrooms – Large & Luxurious


“There is a lot of interest in tubs right now,” says Cindy Roeser.

Freestanding tubs are coming back in style and Roeser Remodeling installed them in recent projects. Today’s tubs come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and even colors. But before you consider any of those, make sure you consult with their professionals first.

The floor beneath your new tub might need to be reinforced. Over-sized or heavy tubs require additional installation considerations versus a standard, builder-grade, 30″x60″ fiberglass tub insert. Also, some tubs require decking or framing, and all tubs must be installed near plumbing connections.

According to Kitchen & Bath Design News, tubs are being made from proprietary materials. These materials can be shaped and molded for a custom look or built-in ergonomic properties. Unusual materials, such as metal, wood or marble deliver a unique sense of style. Metals that retain heat for longer periods of time mean a warm, soothing soak.


Walk-in showers are still popular and the trend isn’t likely to go away any time soon. Many are designed with tempered clear glass surrounds but if that makes you uncomfortable, consider using it on just the lower half of the shower wall. How do you make your shower extra special? It’s in the details.


There are many kinds of showerheads you can choose from, depending on what you like. A large showerhead with many holes that delivers a soft, rain-like shower may be just the thing for you. Others might prefer being able to turn on several pulsating jets to wake them up in the morning.


Some consider a seat or bench a luxury, but for some, it might be a necessity. Whether it’s built-in or freestanding, a bench, seat or even a stool can offer something to rest on when needed.


Depending on the overall look of your bathroom – rustic? minimalist? modern? – the bathroom sink can be made of natural, rough-looking materials such as stone. Or go for sleek, smooth marble. One basin or two? A double vanity can speed up morning rituals when there are multiple people using the bathroom.


Last year saw the introduction of the Japanese toilet with a heated seat and self-closing lid. But a severe run on toilet paper in early 2020 might have got you thinking of installing a bidet. Very European.

The Extras

Heated towel racks, underfloor heating and skylights that bring the outdoors in are all great ideas and popular.

“We’re seeing a lot of mixed metals, cleaner lines, with a few wood tones to warm the designs.”

Bathrooms – Small & Splendid

The ideas for large and luxurious bathrooms can be scaled down to fit any size bathroom. If your budget doesn’t allow for a full four-piece bathroom, opt for using higher-end materials to make your small space splendid.

The following trends for 2021 are great ways to make a smaller bathroom appear just as lavish as a larger one.


Bathroom trends for 2021 include biophilic. This design trend puts us in touch with the natural world. Large windows or a skylight that lets in natural light is one idea. Or surround yourself with lots of moisture-loving plants. No room for plants? Choose a shade of green wallcovering.


Sherwin-William’s color pick for 2021 is Urbane Bronze. This new neutral color can be used as an accent. Or mix it with other warm neutrals such as bone whites.


St. Louis master bathroom remodel with soak tub - Roeser Home Remodeling

Tile flooring keeps the bathroom easy to clean and beautiful. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. The design can be the stand-out feature, such as a herringbone pattern. Or consider terrazzo, a mix of natural stone, cement and marble. It has unlimited color and material combinations, but should be used in small fragments, rather than large.


Today’s bathrooms are likely to be more than a place to wash your face. With careful designing, décor and the little extras that make life enjoyable, your bathroom can give you an invigorating start to your day or offer respite after a stressful one.

For ideas on how to make your bathroom a beautiful functional space, contact us for a consultation. Or view our portfolio of projects to see what Roeser Home Remodeling has done for other St. Louis families.