Creating a Space for Grandchildren

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Home Remodeling

Home Away from Home

There are fewer joys in life than welcoming a new grandchild into the family. Most grandparents look forward to that time of their life with open arms and eager anticipation. It is a new chapter in life. New beginnings are new adventures. But new grandparents soon realize that new additions to the family may also mean a new addition or remodel to their home.

Today’s grandparents want to create a fun and nurturing environment for their grandchildren, which includes wanting them to feel safe and comfortable when they come to visit, feeling like it’s their “home away from home”.

Where to start

So, what are some home remodeling projects that will make your living space more inviting to grandchildren and the joys that come with grand parenting? Roeser Home Remodeling can make recommendations and offer ideas for a remodel of your home that will accomplish this purpose. 

Of course, each family has a unique vision. The first plan of action would be to have a clear idea in mind. Do you see yourself cuddling and reading stories? Maybe you would want to add a library area such as a reading nook or private corner area? Is it your dream to teach your grandchild how to sew or make special gifts for others, thereby nurturing the joy of giving?

Whether you want added space for crafting, reading, or playing games, the ideas are endless. Have you always dreamed of having model trains and a track in open area? Maybe you envision doing other hobbies with your grandchild, such as painting or sculpting? Whatever your vision is, in St. Louis, Roeser Home Remodeling can help you make it a reality.

Basement Remodels

Added space for entertaining grandchildren can sometimes be obtained by a basement remodel project. Adding texture and color to an existing space can make it more fun and appealing to the young eye, while preserving the aesthetic. You may want to add additional storage areas to your basement remodel along with built-in bookshelves and a media area for television and movie snuggles. Additional storage can be used for storing toys, games and books, along with supplies for craft and hobby projects.

Another remodel project that is popular is the conversion of a living space into a game room. Arcade type games such as Pac Man and Foosball, ping pong or table pool will make hours of fun for you and the grandkids. Of course, it isn’t always fun and games. You may want to remodel an area to give more space for cooking family dinners and quiet conversation. Roeser Home Remodeling can make suggestions and show you how to accomplish this in your home remodeling project, as well.

Multi-generational Designs

In today’s age many home remodeling projects are being designed as more multi-generational. Especially if you foresee a need for hosting family for an extended stay. Adding space with the expectation of accommodating family, whether grandchildren, aging parents, or in-laws just makes sense. In addition to home remodeling existing areas, Roeser Home Remodeling can show you how to add space to your home for these additional needs. Call us today for a no cost evaluation of your home remodeling projects, and let us show you how you can create a “home away from home” for your grandchildren.