Fixing Challenging Bathroom Remodels

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Home Remodeling

Fixing challenging bathroom remodels is what makes us the go-to experts in metro St. Louis. Kitchen and bathroom remodels is how Roeser Home Remodeling started in business more than 40 years ago.

Do you have a challenging bathroom remodel problem? Roeser Home Remodeling has worked on many bathrooms over their 40 years in business. There likely isn’t a problem we haven’t encountered or can’t find a solution for.

Whether the home’s foundation is off-kilter, a bathroom is long and narrow or ? we can help you find solutions to your bathroom remodel problems.

An out-of-square house

Older homes come with challenges we don’t see until we start remodeling. This family wanted a master bathroom as part of an addition. What we didn’t realize until we started the project was that the house is out of square quite a bit – more than half an inch!

Having an existing structure that much out of square affected the entire addition, but impacted the flooring the most. What made this even more tricky was the herringbone pattern the homeowners requested for the tile.

Our expert craftsmen were able to fix the problem with some additional steps. They reframed the original inside walls of the bathroom to meet the standards of the new exterior walls of the addition. Then they planed the crown of the floor joist down, so the flooring would be level with the rest of the house floor.

To even out the flooring, our craftsmen used sand and cement as an underlayment to accommodate the 4” x 12” herringbone tiles.

With just a few extra steps, we were able to bring this homeowner’s dream bathroom to life! Find details on the cabinetry and hardware we used to upgrade this homeowner’s bathroom here.

Narrow bathroom in a century-old home

One-hundred-year-old homes can make fixing challenging bathroom remodels even more difficult. But not impossible.

Very often, the original homeowners of century-old homes converted a narrow space into a bathroom when indoor plumbing became standard. This master bathroom in Ladue was outdated; it needed a more updated, elegant look that the house itself inspired.

The design team at Roeser Home Remodeling used marble in keeping with the house’s stately history, while blending in modern trends and aesthetics.

The long and narrow bathroom was reconfigured to give the toilet its own space. Out of camera range is a toilet room. To save space, a pocket door closes it off from the rest of the bathroom. This allowed our team of expert carpenters to build a small linen closet. On the opposite of the narrow room, is the shower stall.

Our design team used a framed wall-to-wall mirror to create the illusion of a larger space. Installing sconces on the mirror reflects the light and continues the space saving theme. Wallpaper and moldings were chosen to reflect the home’s age.

We used Wellborn’s Maple Concord Series in Glacier finish to create the vanity with two shallow cabinets for extra storage. Legs added to the base of the vanity cabinet gives it a furniture feel that may have been original to the house.


If you have a bathroom that you want remodeled but don’t think it can be done for some reason, call Roeser Home Remodeling. We’re the experts at fixing challenging bathroom remodels.

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