Give the Gift of a Remodel

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Home Remodeling

Giving the gift of a remodel is a great idea. Sure, it’s nice to give something all wrapped up in paper and bows, but the gift of a remodel is a gift that will be celebrated throughout the coming year.

Kitchens and bathrooms get so much use. The fixtures and function can wear out quickly with the heavy traffic of family and guests. These rooms often show signs of wear much sooner than the rest of the house. So they often need to be updated more frequently. But there are lots of other options when it comes to remodeling your home or expanding your living space.

Kitchen Remodel - St. Louis Roeser Home Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel – St. Louis Roeser Home Remodeling

Who Needs the Gift of a Remodel?

  • A young family with small children might like a redesigned play area or nursery.
  • Create a spa bathroom where a mother of small children can “get away” for a few minutes of solitude.
  • Give dad the man cave he’s always wanted.
  • Finish off a basement for entertaining.
  • Grandparents might like a space for visiting grandchildren.
  • Re-decorate a bedroom for an aging live-in relative.
  • Plan a complete kitchen redesign, the nerve center of every household.
  • Design a room for a specific hobby could be a fun choice.
  • Change the life of a busy parent with a remodeled  laundry area.

Remodels don’t just change the way something looks. Remodels change the way we live. The possibilities are truly endless.

The gift of a remodel is definitely the out-of-the-box choice that is sure to please. It is both generous and highly personal, since it requires the giver to know the habits, needs and lifestyle of the recipient.


A remodel is something you might also considering giving yourself. Maybe it has become increasingly clear that the amenities in your kitchen no longer meet your family’s needs. Maybe your bathroom and closet need more space. Kitchen and bathroom remodels yield the best return on investment for the value of your home. It’s also the best way to enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

Holiday entertaining can be so much more fun, when you you don’t have to fight for oven or counter space. Consider some new amenities, like an extra wall oven or an island for potluck dinners. Imagine your family and friends together in a home that accommodates everyone comfortably. Adding a half bath or a family room can make all the difference when your guest list includes several families.

Kitchen Remodel Roeser Home Remodeling St. Louis

Kitchen Remodel Roeser Home Remodeling St. Louis

While well-planned remodels take time, it’s never too soon to begin visualizing. Keep a running list of the things you would like to change and bring it to the Roeser Home Remodeling team. We can walk through your options and discuss materials and choices that will fit both your taste and your budget.

master kitchen remodel - Roeser Home Remodel St. Louis

master kitchen remodel – Roeser Home Remodel St. Louis

The gift of a remodel, big or small, is actually a great idea. Just wrap up a Roeser appointment card and tuck it under the tree.

The way we move about and live in our home affects so much of our lives. Our surroundings influence the way we think, our mood, our ability to organize and work, even the way we sleep. When you give the gift of a remodel, you are saying you care about someone’s environment and well being. Nothing could be more personal or more thoughtful.