Great Winter Remodel Projects

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Home Remodeling

January is a great time for winter remodel projects. In fact, once the holidays are over and the decorations stowed away, you might be ready to work on something fresh and fun for the new year. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean your home improvement projects should come to a halt.

Winter remodel projects also usually come with a smaller price tag. Contractors generally have a lot of down time during the winter. This means they have greater availability and lower rates, which saves any homeowner valuable time and money.

Of course not every home improvement project is well-suited for cold weather. Here are four ways you can tackle common home improvements this winter.

Basements Make Great Winter Remodel Projects

One of the reasons remodeling isn’t too popular during the winter is because many projects expose the interior to the elements. Instead of getting a new roof, then, it makes sense to turn your attention toward your basement.

Maybe you want to create a space for grandchildren, or an in-law suite. Or this might be the time you create the home office you’ve always wanted. Even just adding built-ins can give a fresh look to a space you already love.

There are several benefits to remodeling a basement in the winter. Since it is underground, almost all of the work can be done inside. Additionally, rates are lower and contractor availability is greater, meaning installations are more efficient and affordable than any other time of year.

Enhance your home’s insulation

Insulating before the weather turns harsh could save you big on your electric bill. The benefits of increased insulation continue past the winter and into the summer, too. The most common areas in need of insulation are typically attics, basements or crawl spaces.

Before you make adjustments, though, you’re best off having your home evaluated by a professional. Experts can accurately pinpoint the areas of your house that are surrendering the most amount of energy. That way, you’ll get the most out of your improvements.

Install hardwood flooring

Have you been thinking about installing hardwood floors for a while? Winter introduces the perfect weather conditions for new hardwood floors.

You are less likely to experience any gapping between newly laid boards. The decreased humidity also decreases your chances of experiencing any water damage. Finally, any adhesive used during the installation faces a quicker dry time due to the air quality.

Hardwood floors add value to your home. Whether you are replacing carpet or old floors, you are guaranteed to have a fresh new look. New wood floors also increase insulation so your home feels just a little more cozy.


Bathroom remodel - St. Louis Roeser Home Remodeling

Bathroom remodel – St. Louis Roeser Home Remodeling


Make Your Bathroom a Winter Remodel Project

This is an excellent project once the winter months have arrived. If you’ve grown used to cracked or moldy fixtures, now may be the time to replace them. This can also have the benefit of adding to your bathroom’s efficiency if the new models are a drastic improvement.

Also, for reasons similar to the addition of hardwood floors, laying new tiles is easier when the weather is cooler. It may be a bit of a commitment, but a simple tile project can reinvigorate your bathroom.

Whatever your remodeling needs, we’d love the opportunity to lend a hand. Since 1985, we’ve made it our goal to provide excellent and honest customer service. If you are in need of professional input, please don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a consultation.