Home Office Ideas for Everyone

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Home Remodeling

With so many of us having to pivot to working and learning remotely this year, a dedicated home office or study area became prime real estate in the home. Everyone – employees, students and stay-at-home folks – had to shift gears. Space and privacy became a premium as everyone scrambled to carve out their space.

A home office doesn’t have to be big or completely private. Here are some home office ideas for everyone in your home.

Claim Your Space

Everyone will have different workspace needs, depending on what they do. If you have a craft business, you’ll need space to hold all your materials, threads and sewing machine. If you’re a blogger or virtual assistant, your laptop will be your main piece of equipment and you may not need more a desk and file cabinet. A student, on the other hand, will need quiet and privacy for studying.

Some remodeling customers might decide on a home office addition, and Roeser Home Construction can definitely help you design, plan and build that. The more common and cost-effective solution is to repurpose an existing space. This could be a guest bedroom, breakfast nook, or corner of the basement.

Kitchen or Living Room Nook

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Does your living room have a bump out that can be enclosed? Does your kitchen have a breakfast nook that can be redesigned with your home office in mind? Take a look around your home and imagine a space transformed into an office.

Many modern kitchens have a built-in desk area for paying bills and planning meals. It could work for a small home-based business.

The downside is that the kitchen is often the center of the home and will have a lot of distractions. It could also be the downfall of your waistline if you’re prone to snacking, with food always so close.

Basement Office

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Does your lower level or basement have a separate entrance? This can be a big plus if you’re a professional who needs to see clients while conducting business. The separate entrance gives your clients privacy to come and go. It also means you won’t be constantly interrupted with unexpected deliveries at the front door.

There are a few downsides to consider if you’re thinking of a basement home office. How damp does your basement get? Too much moisture may ruin documents or affect electronics. How is the lighting? If you’re basement is too far below ground or in an older home, you may not have enough natural light coming in. Will you be able to easily add extra overhead lighting? At the very least, you’ll need task lighting.

Guest Bedroom

If you have a bedroom that doesn’t get much use except for the occasional visitor, consider giving it a makeover. This is a popular choice for a home office because it will already have the outlets and wi-fi capability you’ll need to conduct business.

One downside to making over a guest bedroom as an office is there is no separate entrance. So if your business involves meeting clients, they’ll have to walk through the rest of the house to get to your office.

If you still plan to use it as a spare bedroom, think of furniture that can do double duty. An armoire with drawers can hold some clothing while also storing your files. A love seat can pull out to a small bed. You may be inconvenienced for a bit while your guest is visiting, but you’ll have a dedicated workspace otherwise.

Corner Space

Sometimes the only option is to set up a desk in a corner of a bedroom or the living room. If that’s all you can do, give yourself some privacy. One option could be to use 3-panel folding screens. When they’re enclosing your space, you’re telling others you’re busy working or studying.


Who would have thought we’d be prescient back in October 2019 when we wrote that home office designs would be an area for growth for interior designers in 2020.

If you see working from home in your future, contact our Roeser Home Remodeling Design Team. Our award-winning designers will meet with you to discuss your options on redesigning ot remodeling your home to add an office or workspace.