Innovative Bathroom Designs

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Home Remodeling

Roeser Home Remodeling often receives calls from homeowners looking for someone to reinvent their bathrooms as a personal retreat. And we are happy to help. Fortunately for today’s homeowners, there are lots of innovative bathroom remodeling designs, all created with comfort and beauty in mind.

But it’s not always been this way. In the history of home construction in the US, bathrooms were an afterthought. Until the early 1900s, unless you were wealthy, you made do with outhouses and either bathed in cold water or heated water on a wood stove and poured it into a large tub. Sometimes entire families bathed in the same water, which was great if you were one of the first people to use it. But if you were the last on the list? Not so much.

These days, most of us have indoor toilets and hot and cold running water, which is probably a relief to those who remember being last. However, until recently, the bathroom was still pretty utilitarian—a toilet, sink, bathtub, and little else. But as life has gotten more complicated and our need for an indoor respite has grown, the bathroom has joined the list of places we rely on to depressurize and recover from the stresses of our fast-paced lives.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your own bathroom, you’ve come by at a good time. Let’s talk about bathroom remodeling designs and what’s popular this year.

Color Trends for Bathrooms in 2024

Going natural seems to be the overall trend for homes in 2024, and bathrooms are no exception. We are seeing a lot of requests for colors seen in nature—dark greens, browns, soft off-white colors, and vibrant whites that reflects the natural light that comes in through windows. We love this trend!

Minimalist Lines with Natural Elements

People have been bringing nature indoors for a lot of years with skylights, large windows, sunlamps, plants, small trees, and even hand carved sinks. Recently, we’ve seen more of this in bathrooms too.

Modern life comes with a lot of stress so homeowners take their breaks where they can find them. On the list of innovative bathroom remodeling designs are vanities with simple lines, deep drawers, and easy-to-clean surfaces (no crevices to scrub, please). Medicine cabinets and linen closets follow the same trend.

Clients are also seeking vanities, cabinets, and woodwork from ecologically sourced materials, low-flow toilets, and showers that do more with less water. Knowing that they’ve done their best to prevent more damage to the environment brings many of our clients some much needed peace of mind.

They’re also seeking to connect with the natural environment while they’re indoors. When they don’t have immediate neighbors, they want larger windows and if they do, skylights are the next best thing.

Spa Treatment

Since the pandemic, people have been spending more time at home and looking for ways to create a spa-like environment in their own home. We’re getting more requests for:

  • Thermostatic showers that compensate for varying water pressure and temperature changes, keeping a consistent water temperature. This grants the user additional control over their showering experience, which is great for busy households as it allows a parent or caretaker to adjust the temperature and flow just once before helping someone bathe.
  • Doorless and curbless showers. Doorless showers eliminate the claustrophobic aspects of showering and, when combined with soft lighting and skylights, are more relaxing and safer. Curbless showers eliminate tripping hazards because there’s nothing to step over. This translates to a shower that is both attractive and easier for older homeowners who are considering aging at home.
  • Soaker Tubs. Some days, even a long, hot shower just won’t do. You need to submerge yourself in a hot tub, sip something therapeutic, and wash away the stresses of the day. And if you’re worried about water usage, studies have shown that a long hot shower isn’t any better than a long hot bath and the bath might even use less water since you only fill it once. If it’s a serious source of concern and you’re a gardener, there are several ecological solutions, including building a grey water system.
  • Because there’s nothing quite like looking up at a starry sky from your bath or shower, if the view’s right, a sunset or sunrise, people are seeking large windows over their showers and bathtubs. When windows are a security concern or just aren’t practical, skylights are popular too.

 Smart toilets and Bidets

We’ve all experienced this in public bathrooms. The smart toilet that takes care of flushing itself so you don’t have to. Recently, we’ve had homeowners ask us about installing smart toilets in their homes too. The good news is—we can!

While it might sound extravagant and silly on the surface, it’s actually more sanitary because the ones in homes only work when you close the lid. This prevents germs from swirling around in the air and minimizes the number of surfaces you have to touch. Furthermore, they’re self-cleaning, using both a powerful flush and UV light to sanitize the toilet bowl.

Ensuite bathrooms

 Master baths are bathrooms attached to the “master bedroom,” usually the homeowner’s room. The rest of the household traditionally shares a centrally located bathroom.

Ensuite bathrooms are bathrooms that are attached to specific bedrooms, not just the master bedroom. We’ve seen an uptick of requests for these. These handy features simplify the modern lifestyle. Homes with multiple adults or teens appreciate having their own ensuite bathrooms as they ease the stress of trying to juggle multiple schedules and no one has to wait their turn.

Let’s Talk About Innovative Bathroom Remodeling Designs

For over twenty years, Roeser Home Remodeling has been in the business of helping homeowners choose the innovative bathroom remodeling designs that best fit their lifestyles. 

 The Staff at Roeser Home Remodeling brings the same expectations to every job—quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity. You will always get our best, without fail. Our goal is to make the entire process as easy as possible while still giving the client the high-quality results they deserve.

We are the recipient of a number of awards, including Best Houzz of 2020. Our Director of Design, Brandi Ward, has won several awards for her kitchen designs, and recently accepted one from ShowPlace Cabinets for her beautiful kitchen design. Brandi is an expert in creating functional kitchen layouts for families!

We are members of the Home Builders Association of St Louis, which demonstrates our willingness to be held accountable for the quality of our work. Roeser Home Remodeling uses only the best materials, including products like Wellborn Cabinets and Showplace Cabinets. And we have an A+ rating with BBB.

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