Sneaky Storage Solutions for Your St. Louis Home

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Home Remodeling

When it comes to buying a home, how many closets and cabinets the house has is one of the things buyers take into consideration. But what if it doesn’t have much storage? If you love the house enough, you may be willing to overlook that. Roeser Home Remodeling design professionals can help homebuyers find more storage, in the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere in the home.

Older homes, especially, may lack storage space. But it is possible to sneak in storage solutions here and there throughout your home, often without much effort. Here are some ideas.

Find Hidden Spaces

Under the Stairs


The area beneath stairs is often-overlooked for storage solutions. Here, a bookcase was designed around the staircase’s shape. Shelves hold books and plants; cabinets keep other items tucked away out of sight, but within reach when they’re needed.

Fill a Narrow Space


Love wine but don’t have space for a wine cellar?

In this example, the homeowner was a wine afficionado and wanted to be able to store their wine near the kitchen. With no space for an elaborate wine celler, the pros at Roeser took a  section of a previously built closet and rebuilt it to a narrow wine closet.

Wall Niche


The standard bathroom layout has a sink with a cabinet over it to hold toiletries and other necessary hygiene items. But what if your design dream doesn’t look like that? Try a wall niche. Not only can it be made deeper than the usual cabinet, but you can cover it with a pleasing piece of art. Instead of an unattractive wall niche, you have something with color and pizzazz.

Bench Seating


Kitchens have evolved again to being the “heart of the home” with more functionality and shared spaces. Eat-in kitchens are making a comeback too. Here’s an idea for family seating – bench seat with storage below.

This was a custom-build by our carpenters at Roeser Home Remodeling. There is a drawer on each end of the bench where place mats and napkins could be stored for setting the table.

Out in The Open



Entryways are usually congested areas of the home. It’s an area where family members are picking up (or dropping) book bags, coats and keys. Everything needs to be organized and stored for efficiency.

In this example, a bench helps with putting on or removing shoes. Shelves store shoes and books Baskets keep small items tidy and hooks were added for jackets and sweaters.

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms have their own challenges. Without a good storage system, dirty clothes, laundry supplies and miscellaneous items such as hangers can start to accumulate. When time is short, it’s easy to not take the minute or two to put things away properly.

Here, cabinets hold supplies and pull-out hampers can be installed as well for sneaky storage solutions. A long counter is ideal for sorting whites from darks and folding dried laundry.


Ideally, our garages are where we park our cars. But so many of us use it for far more than that! When you’re looking for extra storage space in your garage here are some ideas:

  • pegboard – for smaller, lightweight tools
  • slat walls- – use these with big hooks to hang bicycles, kayaks or bins to hold accessories
  • loft – if your garage has a high ceiling, consider building a loft to save floor space. Build it with slats so that air can flow freely. A loft can house larger items such as a kayak or seasonal decorations.
  • cabinets – don’t overlook the usefulness of cabinets for cleaning products, small electrical tools, etc.


Remember, the professionals at Roeser Home Remodeling can help you find storage solutions to fit your specific needs. Read satisfied clients comments, then give us a call at 314-822-0839 or contact us online for a consult.