Structural Integrity – The Backbone of a Home Remodel Project

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Home Remodeling

Imagine yourself inside your beautifully designed new home addition. As you hang the last picture, you stop to reminisce about how much enjoyment your family will have in the new space. You can see the family gathered around the game table, playing cards, laughing together. Drinks being served and snacks expertly positioned on the new wet bar, so that everyone can relax and have a good time. This home addition was exactly what your family needed.

As you live in your new space, no one will give any thought to the details and work that went into the structural integrity of your new home addition. Roeser Home Remodeling of St. Louis wants it that way. The structural integrity of your home remodeling project should be expertly completed and not one thought, from you, the customer, ever going to the process.

It begins with planning. Doing your home remodel project right the first time will avoid many headaches that could occur if even the smallest detail is ignored. The structure of your home remodel project can be liked to a spine, the backbone. Everything extends from there and must work in harmony together to make a strong dwelling.

After the planning of your home addition is complete, the next step is framing. Mostly, it is a platform framing method that is used. The floor platform is first, then walls and ceiling. The pipes, wires, and ductwork will all go through the frame before the drywall is finished on the new walls.

Attention to detail cannot be overlooked. Avoiding problems by doing it right the first time, is good business. There must be enough glue for the subflooring so that the floors don’t squeak when walked on. The walls need to be straight or the drywall can be wavy, and the doors might not match up. The lumber needs to be dry to avoid moisture behind walls, which could lead to mold problems. Having a professional remodeler that is up to date on current structural codes, is invaluable.

Roeser Home Remodeling prides itself in being the top professional home remodelers in the St. Louis area. We pay attention to even the smallest detail, giving your home remodeling project the quality you deserve. The structural integrity of your home addition will never be compromised. You and your family will enjoy your new space and never think twice about the backbone of your home remodeling project. All you will think about is how great it is to be enjoying time with your family and friends!