Closet Remodel – Ladue

Roeser Home Remodeling implemented this Closet Remodel for a Ladue couple. Mirrored and Matching “His and Her” Walk-in Closets were designed from the Wellborn Closet Line.

White finish and with only “Hers” being shown here- each as their own space for hanging and/or folding items. A bench was created under an existing window for sitting purposes and opposite of that a floor to ceiling shelving unit houses shoes, purses, and plastic bins for organized accessories.

Each unit contains a pull out bar for dry cleaning or creating outfits for the next day’s events. Pocket doors provide more space savings and this closet is a dream for anyone who believes there is “A place for everything and everything is in its place”.

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Closet Remodel - Ladue - St. Louis Roeser Home Remodel

Closet Remodel – Ladue – St. Louis Roeser Home Remodel