Home Addition – Remodel

This couple chose Roeser as their contractor of choice after interviewing several others. Completing this addition and giving them the space to accomplish their design goals was a two-year labor of love.

The design was limited in many ways: budget, integrity of the existing masonry home, the walkout from existing basement and the beautiful gardens filling the outside area. These factors restricted the addition to one side of the house and minimal room toward the back.

To begin the design process, we first created the space and then filled it with needed and wanted items as possible. Placing the master bedroom suite toward the front of the house made the most sense. Squaring that area off provided a small area to support a first floor laundry.

This left a long, wide hallway to the back addition. A flank of entertainment space with Wellborn wood-stained cabinets and glass doors on the uppers opened the space as a natural entry to the kitchen. Changing the color of the cabinets in the kitchen defined that space while matching a wood-stained island unified the two spaces.

A sliding glass door to a new deck and steps to the gardens brought her passion for gardening in view. A hearth room provided space for daily activities without the couple crowding each other.

Diligence with the budget meant compromises. Selecting less costly cabinet “boxes” with upgraded features, adding masonry to front the addition, reducing square-footage, along with removing a basement walkout from the scope of the project made this dream a reality.

“Roeser did a master bedroom/laundry and kitchen for us and I can’t say enough good things! From the beginning of the design process, Brandi really got that less was more and worked design magic to incorporate the essentials into our design while staying true to my original house and zoning restrictions. The quality of the work was excellent, came in on budget and without any major delays.”