Few of us can think about porch sitting without having sweet memories of our childhood. Perhaps our earliest recollection of porch sitting is at grandma andgrandpa’s house. Those memories of porch sitting are so vivid in our minds that we not only remember the porch but also the sounds, the smells and the company we kept.

Many of us probably had grandparents who had a nice porch off the back of the house. Maybe it overlooked a lawn or garden area. Many precious memories can be made, sitting idly on a porch.

Porches of Today

Fast forward to our day. Now that we are adults with families of our own, we look for ways to incorporate those nostalgic memories into our modern outdoor living spaces, or porches of today. Roeser Home Remodeling loves designing outdoor spaces that bring back those childhood memories of porch sitting and provide the space for your family to make additional memories of your own.

Porch sitting nowadays, has many similarities of porch sitting in times past. Family and friends having sweet tea, lemonade or coffee over conversation while enjoying fresh air and sunshine, an evening of margarita’s, craft beer, or wine tasting, playing cards or board games, or snuggling on the swing, a reading nook, or private area for meditation and contemplation… the list goes on and on.  Not only does porch sitting create memories, but also helps to solidify strong bonds between family and friends.

Modern Porches

Many modern homes have porches designed to provide a beautiful, inviting entrance that says, “welcome” to neighbors and friends. Roeser Home Remodeling can create a porch space designed to have curb appeal and add value to your home while not compromising the welcoming spirit. Sitting areas can be designed and decorated to your taste. Outdoor furniture, while once only consisting of swings, stools or rocking chairs, now includes wicker, treated wood and furniture designed for comfort with padded seats and pillows. Decorating in calming or vibrant colors can add a flare of your personality while giving you an added area to linger and talk.   

There is nothing quite like porch sitting. It is not just an activity, it’s a feeling. A feeling of home, part of our culture as Americans. While once considered a status symbol in America, it has now become something most of us long to have. A way to step back, take a moment to breathe and enjoy our life with the people we love.

Roeser Home Remodeling of St. Louis can turn your porch sitting dreams into reality. From idea, to plan, to final solution, your outdoor remodeling project will look amazing when completed and bring back the nostalgia of days gone by.