Ideas for a Kitchen Remodel

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Home Remodeling

Looking for ideas for a kitchen remodel project?  Roeser Home Remodeling is an expert in kitchen remodeling in metro St. Louis. That’s how we started our business in 1977. Although we do other remodeling projects, we still do plenty of kitchen renovations.

Here are some ideas from previous kitchen remodeling projects that may work for you. If you aren’t sure what you need to do for your kitchen, call us. We’re happy to listen to your ideas and want to help you make your dream kitchen come true.

Camouflage a problem

Do you have something that can’t be removed but is unsightly or looks out of place?

When we remodeled the kitchen for this family, we faced a challenge. The plan called for removing walls between the dining room, living room and kitchen. While this created a wonderfully open space – exactly what the homeowners wanted – it revealed structural steel beams. We had to find a way to camouflage them.

After we removed the walls, our expert carpenters laced new flooring into the existing flooring to create a unified look. We sanded all the floors and refinished them all with a warm color. Then we were able to build matching beams to hide the steel on the ceiling, finishing them in the same warm color. We even added an extra beam to create a balanced look.

For another client, we were able to hide a non-working radiator in her kitchen. We built a radiator cover in the same design as the new cabinets we installed. She was happy to have the ugly, inoperable radiator covered with something attractive.

Make more space

A Town and Country ranch style home had two small dark rooms and a walkway to the garage that just wasn’t working for the homeowners. Our expert builders widened the walkway and removed walls from the rooms to create a large L-shaped kitchen. A Marvin outswing French door was installed and provided a beautiful entry to the patio. This brightened the kitchen and gave the family easy to the patio, where they do a lot of entertaining.

Combine two rooms

If you walked into this family’s kitchen, you wouldn’t know there was a washer and dryer hidden behind some of the matching cabinets.

This St. Louis family wanted us to open the kitchen to more light and workable space. The challenge: there was living space on each end of the kitchen and a lower-level entry. The requirement: on-site laundry and a spot for a television.

These requests might have been too daunting for another company, but not for the design team at Roeser Home Remodeling! Read how we hid the front-loading washer and dryer in behind cabinets and installed a matching countertop for folding clothes. A custom corner cabinet, built in the Roeser mill-shop, houses the television and provides storage above.

Wine cabinet

The homeowners enjoy their wine and needed a place to store it. This narrow wine pantry allows them to store their wine collection without taking up valuable cabinet space.

Call us

Still looking for ideas for a kitchen remodel of your own? If these ideas got you thinking about your own kitchen and what you envision for your home, give us a call! The Roeser’s design team will be happy to work with you to create the perfect kitchen your family needs.

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