Remodeling your bedroom: The benefits of adding a master suite

by | Jul 1, 2023 | Home Remodeling

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Roeser Home Remodeling believes that your home should be your retreat at the end of a hard day, the place you go to unwind, breathe, enjoy your interests, and spend time with family and friends. When our clients ask us for a list of renovations that will improve their quality of life and the value of their home, we will ask if they already have a master suite.
Why? Good question! Adding a master suite to your home has many advantages and only one disadvantage. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

First Thing’s First

Let’s begin by discussing the difference between a simple bedroom and a master suite (or master bedroom, if you prefer). You more than likely have a bedroom. And we’re sure you know that it’s a simple room containing a bed, dresser, closet, possibly a TV, and your personal effects. You might even have a desk and/or computer in there.

A master suite contains all the above, but is usually larger, with space for extra seating, and other features, like a full bathroom, a walk-in closet, large windows, and sometimes a separate exit. It is designed with comfort in mind. This isn’t just the room you sleep in—this is your own private space where you can recharge and relax.

A Custom Designed Space Just for you

When you sit down with the people from Roeser Home Remodeling to discuss adding a master suite to your home, you get our full attention. After all, we’re discussing remodeling your bedroom; possibly the most personal space of all the rooms in your home. So, we’ll take lots of measurements, snap a number of pictures, and ask questions about how you use your bedroom and what you want to use it for.

Your color scheme, your flooring preferences, the size of your closet and your bathtub—they will all be designed and built with your wishes in mind. So we’ll ask questions about that too. Always wanted a skylight? What about a window seat? Built-in bookshelves? French doors (exterior or interior)? We can do all of that. A spa tub? We can do that too. Want your room to be a vintage retreat or do you prefer a more modern look?

Our goal is to build a master suite that meets your needs and brings you joy.

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Enhanced Privacy by remodeling your bedroom

Having your own bedroom means you have a space you can retreat to when you’re tired or just want some peace. In an ordinary bedroom, there’s usually a bed and maybe a chair you can sit in. But not much room besides. And what if you just want to take a long bath without being disturbed? It’s hard to do that when you share your space with other family members. Adding a master suite to your home can give you that freedom.

It creates a space for you to put up your feet and really enjoy that movie you want to watch that no one else cares about. A place you can enjoy reading that great book you’ve been trying to finish for months. And the larger the room, the more soundproof it’s likely to be. So you will even sleep better.

More storage space

Picture a large, well-lit closet with cubbies and drawers and clothing racks. A full-length mirror on the far end and even space for a chair if you want one. Imagine retrieving your shoes from a beautiful wooden shoe rack, and finding your clothes hanging neatly on your side of the closet, while your spouse’s hang on the other. Imagine that there’s plenty of light to see everything with so you don’t have to rummage through your crowded closet in semi-darkness.

This could be yours. All you have to do is tell Roeser’s designers what you want when we sit down to talk with you about remodeling your bedroom.

Less Waiting for The Bathroom: a private spa

People might someday regret some customizations they make to their homes. But no one ever regrets adding another bathroom.

Adding a master suite to your home gives you the opportunity to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Imagine one with enough room to put a bench if you want one, with the kind of tub and/or shower you’ve always wanted. Two sinks? Lots of counter space? Cabinets to hold towels and toiletries? Maybe an easily accessible closet. How about a heated floor?

Maybe you’ve had your eye on one of those step-in tubs or a large jet-spray spa tub. Or perhaps you want a shower that is big enough for two people. All three are a great idea—especially if you plan to retire in your home. Speaking of which —

Adding a master suite allows people to age gracefully

If you’re considering adding a master suite to your home, one of the questions you should ask yourself is how long you intend to live in it. A ground floor master suite with lots of floor space and an accessible bathroom can help you remain independent as long as possible. And it increases its appeal to buyers who might be older than you and looking for a home to spend their last years in.

An Added Exit Means Private Time On The Patio

An exterior exit from your master suite onto a carport, private patio, or shared outdoor living space can enhance your privacy and add to your enjoyment. Imagine yourself sitting on your patio in the morning drinking coffee and reading or spending your evening enjoying a little time under the stars with your significant other. The addition of a hot tub could enhance your private retreat even more.

A Master Suite Is a Great Selling Point

When remodeling your bedroom or any room in your home, you should renovate for themselves first—with their own desires in mind. Your home should be shaped around what brings you the most joy. But resale value should at least lurk in the background.
To be honest, you may or may not recoup the costs of upgrading your bedroom to a master suite, depending on how much of an upgrade it is, but it will be a great selling point. Buyers love to find homes with things like this already done for them. You stand a better chance of getting your asking price if you have special features such as a well-laid out master suite.

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The Only Disadvantage?

Remember how we mentioned there was only one disadvantage to remodeling your bedroom? 

Here it is:

You’ll never want to leave your new bedroom.

Ready to discuss adding an addition to your home?

The owners and staff at Roeser Home Remodeling are focused on three things: quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity. When you come to us because you’re considering adding an addition to your home, you will get all of that and more.

Our goal is to make the entire process as easy as possible while still giving the client the high-quality results they deserve. We arrive with a list of questions, a tape measure, and a camera. After we talk to you about what you want, we will take measurements and pictures and talk to you about the feasibility of your requests. We will never tell you we can do something if we can’t. And we do our best to give you an accurate quote and let you know if we need to make a change.

Because remodels take a while, we work to build positive relationships with our clients before and during the job. Having strangers in your home five days a week can be stressful. But we want you to miss us when we finish. Our work sites are clean and our employees are always polite and friendly.

Roeser Home Remodeling has been the recipient of many awards, including Best Houzz of 2020. Our Director of Design, Brandi Ward, has won several awards for her kitchen designs, and recently accepted one from ShowPlace Cabinets for her beautiful kitchen design.

We are members of the Home Builders Association of St Louis, which shows our willingness to be held accountable for the quality of our work. Roeser Home Remodeling uses only the best materials, including products like Wellborn Cabinets and Showplace Cabinets. And we have an A+ rating with BBB.

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